There's nothing worse than bored backseat passengers, but car journeys don't have to be dreaded. These car games will help keep you and your little ones entertained when you're on the road...

Alphabet Game


Kids will love having fun trying to remember words, and putting all the words together.

How it works:

  1. First player starts with the letter A and says 'A' is for (choose a word beginning with A) eg Apple.
  2. Player 2 then repeats 'A' is for (chosen word eg Apple and then says 'B' is for (chooses a word beginning with B) eg Bear.
  3. This continues through the alphabet until at Z, with each player taking it in turns to remember all the letters and the words attached to them from A-Z.
  4. The winner is the first person to do it correctly! Will it be you or your child?
I Spy...


This is a great bad weather boredom buster, keeping your kids entertained and their minds active with this timeless family favourite.

How it works:

  1. Someone starts the game by choosing an object - it can be in the car, something they see in the road, on a road sign or anything out the car window.
  2. The player only reveals the color or letter of the item, and says ' I spy with my little eye, something with the color 'red'/something beginning with the letter A'"
  3. The other players start guessing objects that are red, or begin with the letter A until the right object is named.
  4. Whoever guesses it correctly gets to choose the object for the next round.
  5. With younger children, you might want to make it easier by giving hints along the way such as "it's up ahead by the side of the road."
I Went Shopping & I Bought...


This fun game is a great way to exercise memory skills. The wackier and sillier the objects, the easier it is to remember them usually!

How it works:

  1. Someone starts by saying "I went shopping and I bought..." and completes the sentence with something silly and memorable, perhaps "a mermaid."
  2. The second person repeats the first item and then adds something outlandish of their own, for example "a mermaid and a jumping bean."
  3. Everyone playing takes turns, continuing the list from the beginning and adding something new of their own.
  4. There does not have to be a winner or a loser, it is just a very amusing and imaginitive way to pass the time, and certainly distracts most kids from any boredom that might be setting in, not to mention exercising their memories at the same time!