Car sun shades are a bit like those pop up tents. When you take them out of the bag they ping open, almost like they are excited to get out. But how do you fold them to get them back in the pouch?

At EZ-Bugz we usually recommend you leave your shades on the window, but if you only use the shades occasionally you may well want to take them down.

If your car window shades come with a storage pouch (and these days most good quality ones do) you can put them away when you’re not using them. You can then keep the pouch and shades in the glove box or car door until you need them next. The great thing about this is they take up less room than they would and are always on hand for the next bright sunny day.

Take a look at these photos or follow these instructions to fold your sun shades back up:

  1. First thing you want to hold the shade in front of you, one hand on each side of the shade.
  2. Next you want to twist one of your hands over as if you were looking at the time on your watch. This will make the shade into a figure of eight shape.
  3. Lastly you roll one loop of the figure of eight into the other so you end up with a kind of coil. This sounds really complicated and it can take a couple of tries, but it is a lot easier if you just look at the photos.
  4. Once you have done this you’ll want to put the shade straight into the shade - if you leave it out it will ping open again, so put this one away before folding the second shade.