Our suction cups are designed to hold your car sunshades in place hassle free, but as with everything there is a knack, so if you have any that don't seem to stick so well try following these tips...

  • When fixing your suction cups, make sure the car window is as clean as possible. This will help the suction cup stick better.
  • Also make sure the suction cup itself is not dirty. You can safely clean suction cups with warm water if you need to.
  • When you are applying the suction cup, push it against the window slowly and make sure the center stick is pressed against the window and not just the outer edges. Test it is stuck fast by pulling it gently to see that it won’t come loose.
  • A drop of water can help the suction cup stick better. You don't need a lot, just the same as if you were sticking a stamp or an envelope.
  • Suction cups stick best to a car window when they are roughly the same temperature as each other. So if the window is very cold and the suction cup is quite warm it is less likely to stick well.
  • If a suction cup is misshapen pop it in some hot (but not quite boiling water), which should help reshape the suction cup. Obviously be careful with the hot water around kids.
  • Suction cups work best when they are left in place, so if you don’t need to take the sunshades down, then leave them in place on the window.
  • You only need 2 suction cups (one either side) to hold each sun shade in place on the car window, but if you are only using one shade, or if you have spare suction cups you can double up and use 2 on either side.

If you have one particular suction cup that is still a problem, don't forget you can always contact us with your order number and we will send you out a couple of spares.